Chocolate (#2) 20” 160g Clip in extensions

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1 x 10" weft with 4 clips 
1x 8" weft with 4 clips 
1x 7" weft with 3 clips 
1x5" weft with 3 clips 
2x 3" wefts with 2 clips 
2x1" wefts with 1 clip

 Made from Remy Human Chinese hair

 Life span: 3-6 months of full time wear


How to care for your clip in extensions extensions:

 When not in use, be sure to store them away from any dust, kitties & toddlers.

 Be sure to comb your extensions before you apply them to your hair.

Using a high end shampoo and conditioner will help keep your extensions nice and soft. It is only recommended to wash your extensions every other week.

 When washing your extensions, you’ll go use a gentle moisture shampoo, and applying it from the top downward, avoiding rubbing the extensions together or back combing. This will prevent any matting and tangling. Rinse the shampoo off gently. Continue with conditioner again, from top to bottom avoiding rubbing it together.

 Freya Clip in extensions are human remy hair, and can be styled, washed and coloured like normal hair.

 When styling be sure to use protective gear sprays, gentle hair sprays & leave in conditioners.

 When combing a wet brush will be best as it is gentle on the hair and will prevent breakage from pulling.

 Please always have a professional colour your extensions.